About Us


Marina Psaros—Principal

Marina Psaros is the founder and Principal at Coravai LLC, a communications and technology research and consulting firm specializing in environmental issues.

Psaros has over 15 years experience in science and technology communications, digital media product and business development, market research, and environmental program management. She holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Policy and Planning from MIT and has been engaged with coastal management issues in California since 2006.

Prior to MIT, Psaros worked in the digital media industry in the U.S. and Germany for companies including Netscape and Microsoft. She manages Coravai’s independent contractors and collaborations with experts in environmental sciences; planning; data management and visualization; communications; and education.


Marta Smith, Software Engineer

Marta began her web development career by creating the first website for the San Jose International Airport in 1996. Since then, she has worked on several high profile web sites for Hewlett-Packard, Netscape, and AOL. Marta left the Bay Area 10 years ago on a job assignment and recently returned with new experience in full stack web applications development and a fresh degree in Computer Science.

Zemel Profile Pic_BW

Hayley Zemel, Program Associate

Hayley holds a Master’s degree in Marine and Wetland Ecotoxicology from CSU Long Beach. In her thesis work, she advanced the use of an emerging form of ecotoxicology, which employs proteomics in combination with toxicological methods as a powerful and cost-effective environmental screening tool capable of identifying specific effects of anthropogenic activities on the health of aquatic ecosystems. While completing her Master’s program, Hayley worked as the Wetland Restoration and Monitoring Coordinator for Tidal Influence, an ecological restoration consulting firm. Hayley received a 2012 California Sea Grant Fellowship award and began working with the California Ocean Science Trust (OST) to help natural resource managers and decision-makers integrate science into management plans for an array of ocean and coastal issues. At OST, Hayley also worked on advancing citizen science and supporting the California King Tides Initiative. Hayley continues to support King Tides projects as a resource for coastal managers and planners developing sea level rise adaptation strategies in California.