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Communicating Ecosystems Services

The Big Picture: The term “ecosystems services” – the benefits that we derive from natural processes and resources – is one that isn’t familiar to most people outside the world of environmental sciences. The underlying concepts, however, are more well-known: clean drinking water, pharmaceuticals, hydropower, ecotourism, crop pollination, flood control. All of these are important goods and services derived from nature. Over the past few decades, researchers and economists have developed ways to assign monetary value to these services. Assigning values helps people gain a more complete picture of the tradeoffs that must be made in decisions that affect natural systems.

The Details: With the Bay Area Ecosystems Climate Change Consortium, we are developing communications messages and outreach strategies that convey the ecosystems services provided to residents and visitors in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Through this project, we will incubate networks of government agencies, non-profit organizations, farmers, businesses, land trusts, researchers, and others interested in understanding and communicating about ecosystems services.

Coravai’s Role: Conduct consumer market research, develop messages and create outreach campaigns using traditional and digital media platforms.

Results: This project is launching in Fall 2014. Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more.