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Just-In-Time Information: Innovative Environmental Issues Training for Elected Officials

The Big Picture: Many local elected officials do not have training in science or deep knowledge of environmental issues, yet must take decisive action on a wide array of environmental topics. They are frequently called to decide or vote on issues that have immediate and lasting consequences on their constituent human and natural communities. How can we use new technologies to deliver science-based information that can help them confidently make sound decisions?

The Details: This project tested how certain distance-learning methods, tools, and technologies could be implemented to meet the needs of a difficult-to-reach audience (local elected officials) about a difficult-to-address issue (harmful algal blooms).

Coravai’s Role: Developed learning objectives and course framework, and provided review of content selection and presentation.

Results: A completed pilot and actionable concept for self-contained, interactive learning modules about sensitive environmental issues targeted towards elected officials. We’re interested in expanding this project, please get in touch if you’d like to explore how this approach might be used in your area.