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King Tides: Visualizing Sea Level Rise and Storm Hazards

The Big Picture: In order to build the will to address climate change, we must engage normal people in a non-politicized way about the issue. King Tides projects empower anyone with a camera to envision how sea level rise will impact their coastal community.

The Details: King Tides projects invite participants to document how their community is affected during “king tides”, the highest high tides of the year. Photographs are shared via social media platforms, displayed at events, and incorporated into decision support tools.

Coravai’s Role: One of the original architects of the California King Tides Initiative and currently leading global organization efforts.

Results: There are active King Tides projects now all along the East and West coasts of the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Germany. Local King Tides projects organize long-term citizen science projects with K-12 school groups, college students, and others. Images are helping scientists validate sea level rise predictions by comparing the prediction of where average high tides will be in the future with the reality of where extreme high tides are now.