About Us

Translating Science Into Action

The Big Picture: Agencies, non-profits, and community groups struggle to integrate the latest scientific information into climate planning and action. To do so, these organizations need “boundary spanners” – people and institutions that can translate complex scientific concepts and findings into actionable information at the scale necessary for decision making.

The Details: We’ve developed a variety of programs, trainings, and events that support scientists, policymakers, government agency staff, and community groups to bridge these gaps between planning and action.

Coravai’s Role: We are often in the role of strategist and convener for these processes. Our work in this area usually includes framing the problem, defining the decision landscape, identifying potential actions, and convening a group with the right skills and experience to come up with a solution.

Results: We’ve helped to move a number of local and regional decisions forward, particularly with climate change adaptation planning. Please get in touch if you’d like to hear more about our work in this area!